Can I cancel my order on the day of delivery or before?

You are not allowed to cancel the order after payment was made. We will not refund for any issue. You may change the delivery date, and the order must deliver within 3 months start from the date had been request for delivery at first. If you wish to change the delivery date, kindly let us know in 2 days advanced.

Will I be charged when I cancel my order?

No cancellation allowed. You may contact our customer service for make change delivery date or change the design of bouquet.

How do I cancel my order?

No cancellation allowed. Please contact our customer service through WhatsApp So that we can help you for further step.

How long will the refund be?

No refunds available. We only will refund 20% of the total fees had been made. The cases be refund only mistake made by our side. Terms and conditions apply. Refund usually be processed within 7 working days. After refund, we will send you a slip that as prove. Kindly be patient, and let us know if you do not receive your refund.

I received the wrong bouquet.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, kindly contact our customer service so they can arrange the next step for you.

I wish to return & get a refund for my order.

No refund request available.

All flower is freshness make on same day for delivery, and will be checked before we send out. If dissatisfaction with the bouquet received, you may notify us within 2 hours. So, our customer services can help check for the condition and help you to check either replace another bouquet on same day or get a 10% discount for next purchase.

My flowers are bad-looking, I want a refund/exchange.

The flower design will be based on the buyer had choose in our website. The design will make it 70% and above similar, and not exactly same with the photo.

Every bouquet is handmade. So, we cannot duplicate the same product. But the quantity of flower will be same value. The flower sources also need based on our supplier everyday fresh delivery. Sometimes, some of flower is depend on season or availability. The colour or species might be different time to time. We sure provide our best to make every bouquet.

My receiver refused the delivery, can I get a refund?

Not refund available.

We only can help you to rearrange for change location delivery on same day, extra charges might be added from the buyer.

My order was not delivered!

Please contact our customer service so they can assist you as soon as possible.

The delivery is late, I wish to have a refund.

Our delivery time is from 12 pm – 7 pm. Late delivery may be caused by unpredictable situations like heavy rain, heavy traffic, flood, or accidents. We are appreciating that you could understand us.