Enchanting and Elegant Roses are a classic flower and a favourite of many. The Rose has an ideal sentiment which is communicated through it`s sheer beauty. Roses are the perfect way to say I love you or a simple thinking of you. With gorgeous colours will have the most beautiful roses delivered to that special someone today!

This bouquet is absolutely reminiscent of the tropics. A White Mixed arrangement of white roses and white cymbidium orchid is filled out with exotic greenery making for a stunning display. Send this white floral tropical bouquet as a get well gift or a birthday present, it will make a statement in any room.

Rose is a strong plant. It will not fade if it is not too hot or too cold. It is not immediately affected by small deficiencies in irrigation or fertilization. If insufficient watered out buds, protects itself. If insufficient watering continues, young seedlings may fade. Roses like clay, sandy soil. In a soil with good drainage, it should be planted by forming an irrigation bowl below the plant. Thus, after the watering to the plant, the water is fully processed to the roots. The most suitable place for planting roses is the sun.

Roses should see the sun at least 4 hours a day. He likes places with light breeze. Rose seedlings should not be planted adjacent. It should be planted with a distance of at least 1 meter to ensure air flow. Seeding should not be done near the trees or at the bottom of the tree. With respect to fertilization, especially in the period when the plant is budding, the melted rose must be poured into the soil of the plant 3 times in July. This should be done in the time period in which the sun gradually disappears.

During the spring, when the roses begin to give off exile, dark red branches from the bottom of the rose should be cleaned and the plant should be blossomed more efficiently. In order to protect the plant against frost, pruning 30-40 cm sometimes 60 cm from the end of March to the end of March will provide more rich leafing of the rose.

Source from Love Nature Club.

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