Looking to buy Mother’s Day flowers but not actually sure what style to get? If she’s affectionate go for colourful tulips but if she’s creative definitely choose a letterbox style, according to the experts at online flower delivery company Bloom & Wild. Lead florist Caroline Grimble rounds up the best seasonal and meaningful flowers to send on Mother’s Day this year.

1. Tulips (The Affectionate Mum)

Often associated with love, tulips are a great choice for Mother’s Day. With their lollipop colours and playful movement, they’ll liven up any space. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

2. Daffodils (The Traditional Mum)

Daffodils (use their botanic name, narcissus) have long been a symbol of spring, and there’s nothing more cheery than these brightly coloured flowers. Bloom & Wild’s Dainty Daffodils, which will last for at least four weeks, come potted with floristry scissors and jars.

3. Pink Roses (The Matriarchal Mum)

These timeless beauties symbolise admiration, so they’re the perfect flower to send your Mum. Opt for bold and bright pink roses with splashes of green to really brighten her day.

4. Letterbox flowers (The Creative Mum)

Letterbox flower varieties are the perfect gift for creative mums. She’ll love arranging them herself, so she’ll get five minutes of fun and a week of beautiful blooms.

5. Blush Tones and Snapdragons (The Modern Mum)

Blush tones and snapdragons make the perfect present for a contemporary Mum. Delicate foliage offers an earthy feel to this bouquet.

Source from House Beautiful.

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